Old streets, historical buildings, local shops

You would like to visit Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, and stroll through the streets of the old city, away from the shopping areas where tourists crowd. If you, moreover, want to visit authentic Danish shops, with Danish wares of high quality during your tour of historical interest, Storytelling Streets would be pleased to offer you a network of 25 + 25 unique shops, situated in the heart of Copenhagen’s medieval city and the old suburb of Sankt Annæ, both within the former ramparts.

The network of shops is based on mutual recommendations. Here you can find Danish wares and products of high quality, and you can be sure of meeting friendly customer service. Therefore the network is limited to just 50 and each of the 25 + 25 shops and art galleries can tell its own story. The oldest of them goes back to 1756. Urban historian Jan Janssen lives in the oldest part of the city, and is the historical adviser for Storytelling Streets. He has worked as a local guide for more than twenty years and has endless facts, historical knowledge and stories to tell about old Copenhagen.